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When running for office for his second term, he actually ran partly from jail.It wasn't until a 2001 racketeering case was brought against Cianci that the notorious Mayor's reign ended.

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The Narragansett Native Americans previously occupied Rhode Island's land.

British taxation held back the city’s economic growth in its fishing, farming, and nautical enterprises.

Cianci pushed for an emphasis on the city’s strength in the arts and entertainment and revitalized the city’s natural landscape.

He brought Rhode Island the Providence Bruins hockey team, uncovered Providence’s rivers, relocated a large section of the railroad underground, created the now famous Waterplace Park and river walks, and sanctioned the construction of the Bank of America Skating Rink and the gigantic Providence Place Mall.

Charles Street Intersects with Branch Avenue and from there till about Mineral Spring is still the most corrupt part of the City.

There are a couple of high-end restaurants and night clubs at the North end of Charles Street.

Providence has a long history of political corruption that some feel to be part of the local charm.

In keeping with this tradition; Mayor Cianci was indicted not once but twice from local office.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Providence is the state capital and largest city in Rhode Island, as well as the third largest city in New England.

Unlike other inland states in New England, Rhode Island's position along the Atlantic coast keeps Providence's temperatures relatively warm.

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