Lesbian dating services in san diego ca

Theme nights change often, so be sure to check the website for the latest updates in the Events section.

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Lol First so there is no confusion and I am a preop male to female transgender (like Caitlin Jenner). I am an old soul with a young spirit, philosopher yet comedian, introverted yet extroverted, seeker of truth and play, intellectual yet a kid at heart, strong personality yet gentle, high and chill energy, ambitious and rambunctious, caring and romantic at heart.

I am going to be getting the bottom surgery done in the next year or so (no later than December of 2017). I am told that I am very kind hearted and very helpful in many different kinds of situations. Family and genuine and true friends are important to me who practices conscious and present, positive healthy, substance free living.

Bottomless mimosas are a huge draw on weekends and Sunday funday is kind of a big deal in San Diego. So weekend brunch solves a lot of our adorable lovers quarrels. Deli Llama Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? They have delicious food and very affordable prices and dollar beers are a delightful plus.

Well, I am Goldilocks and the three Sushi Delis are the three bears. Hillcrest Brewing Company Remember how I told you San Diegans loves their microbrews?

The bar food is particularly awesome and there are vegan options at all of them! Baja Betty’s is your answer to that, serving Mexican food and some traditional breakfasty things. Give the pomegranate margarita a go; you’ll be glad you did.

I recommend you pop into Small Bar Let me start by saying: I love day drinking. Snooze Eatery I know Snooze isn’t a uniquely San Diego restaurant; I believe they originated in Colorado. The only downside is that, since it recently opened, the lines are ridiculous. So if you have the time to kill and have a lot of patience, go to Snooze. It’s also close to the gayborhood, and therefore more convenient for bar hopping afterwards. I’ve played tour guide to plenty of visitors and the more I learn about San Diego, the more I love it.The majority of the city is gay friendly, but like any city, the best part is the gayborhood.They have a full menu and dining area and an amazing happy hour.Every day from 2-7pm and from 2- Close on Wednesday when you buy one drink, you get a token for the next drink FREE.The neighborhoods surrounding Hillcrest are also vibrant little gems as well. The Gossip Grill Like many cities, the LGBT scene is male dominated.

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