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(30 Min)ELTON JOHN: I'M STILL STANDING: A GRAMMY SALUTE Music stars honor Elton John’s illustrious career spanning five decades with a rockin’ tribute. TO VEGAS "Training Day" Ronnie, Bernard and Captain Dave are struggling at “Jackpot College” flight training, until they prove that when it comes to real-world flight emergencies, they can handle anything.The concert showcases musicians from multiple genres performing classic songs made famous by Elton John, including Alessia Cara, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Kesha, Little Big Town, Chris Martin, Shawn Mendes, Maren Morris, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and SZA. Then, after their flight is delayed, Colin, Artem and Nichole commit to playing a slot machine that they’re sure is due for a big win.

(30 Min) BLACK LIGHTNING "The Resurrection And The Light: The Book Of Pain" Tobias (Marvin Jones III) returns to Freeland.

He is tasked to capture, not kill, Black Lightning (Cress Williams) with the help of an unexpected source.

(1 Hour) SPLITTING UP TOGETHER “Street Meat” While Lena gets ready to go out on a first date with a handsome man whose sexual chemistry is undeniable, Martin finishes his dance lessons with Charlotte and attempts to try to fix things with Lena on what would have been their 16th wedding anniversary. (1 Hour) FOR THE PEOPLE “World’s Greatest Judge” Judge Byrne finds himself at a crossroads in his career when he presides over a case that requires a disproportionate mandatory minimum sentence.

Meanwhile, Mason is being teased by his friends for not being as sexually active as they claim to be; and to prove that she would be a good mom, Maya attempts to watch over Lena and Martin’s kids, with questionable results. Bekker are tasked with finding a way to save a pair of conjoined twins. Allison represents a charming defendant in a fraud case while on duty for the first time, and Leonard struggles to decide whether or not to bring charges against a political figure.

The Korean actresses admire by the beauty, mysteriousness, femininity.

Their heroines differ in emotionally, sensuality, deep affection for the darlings.

Meanwhile, Axl is getting sick and tired of having Mike tell him how to run his life; and things go off the rails when Axl attempts to trade in the Winnebago and buy a car.

Sue is more determined than ever to win a very prestigious and competitive hotel scholarship; and Frankie swears that she’s seeing something mysterious flying through the house.

(30 Min) RISE "We've All Got Our Junk" After their unresolved confrontation with Gordy (Casey W.

Johnson), Lou (Josh Radnor) and Gail (Marley Shelton) try desperately to get through to him.

They are tender, or passionate, insecure or bright, extraordinary.

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