Leonardo dicaprio and claire danes dating amir khan dating boxer

he words are scribbled in messy ballpoint on the side of a white paper bag.Inside are two exquisite chocolate eggs--a gift from Claire Danes to Leonardo Di Caprio.

But despite their obvious differences, there's nothing like a little adventure spiked with a good dose of discomfort to promote a shared sense of machismo, tenderness, and, let's just say it, bonding. But if you really study it, you see Romeo was, like, a gigolo who falls for this girl, Juliet, who says, 'Look, if you've got the balls, put 'em on the table.' It's about those things that carry you in a certain direction and you can't stop; like when people run off to Vegas and get married. They both were people who had guts." Guts--or , to be more precise - were never in short supply during the shoot in dirt-poor, polluted Mexico City.

Once they start talking about their adventures there, specifically, about an attack on one of Di Caprio's tag-along friends--their first-date clumsiness is broken by a jolt of electricity. That night at that nightclub was insane--that security guy just picked a fight with one of Leo's friends who was visiting from L.

Danes could use a little of Di Caprio's playfulness and perspective on the industry; Di Caprio could benefit from Danes's wisdom, maturity, and openness.

This is only the second time they have seen each other since they spent three of the more intense months of their lives intertwined as Romeo and Juliet.

The first stop on the tour is the train museum, which can't come soon enough, as it's starting to bake inside Di Caprio's silver BMW coupe.

He nervously points out the notable sights as he speeds through the park's narrow roads. I feel this responsibility to be a good little tour guide." He pulls up to the abandoned train yard, where on their tracks the steel carcasses seem like great tombs. "Are you still friends with people you knew in elementary school?

I went in after you once I saw things heating up," says Di Caprio. "That was the same night that guy got kidnapped." Danes is referring to the crew member who was hospitalized after a taxi he hailed to take him home from a different nightclub was cab-jacked by three men who apparently slammed his head against the pavement and threatened to kill him if he didn't produce 0 fast.

"A lot of weird stuff happened that night," says Di Caprio, glancing over at Danes as he sails through a red light.

He readjusts the headband holding back his blond hair, then turns back to the pistols and grins. " 'Claire Danes is so civilized, and cool and thoughtful and humanistic,' " he recites.

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