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These eruptions often consist of the ejection of tephra, though they may also generate lava flows, which often originate from vents near the base rather than the summit of the volcanic edifice.

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The second Fantastic Lava Beds flow that all scientists but Diller thought had been erupted in 1851.

At the Old Bench and Painted Dunes lava flows, the volcanic ash is brightly oxidized because it interacted with the lava flows when they were still hot.

Lava fountains range from about 10 meters to 100 meters in height, and sometimes reach more than 500 meters, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said.

The Mayon Volcano alert level was raised to Level 4 on Monday morning, one notch below the highest warning.

The cone was built to a height of 750 feet (230 m) above the surrounding area and spread ash over 30 square miles (78 km).

Then, like many cinder cones, it was snuffed out when several basalt lava flows erupted from its base.

Mayon Volcano was seen spewing lava again on Monday night.

The lava fountain was first observed half past 9 p.m.

It is considered the nation's most active volcano.

Steam-driven eruptions and rockfalls began earlier this month, and the crater began glowing soon after, in what Phivolcs said was a sign of the growth of a new lava dome.

He presented his conclusions at a meeting of the California Academy of Sciences, and was contacted by Academy member Henry Chapman, who informed him of the gold prospector story.

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