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Gayunpaman, ang kasikatan ni Marcos bilang pangulo ay bumagsak sa kanyang ikalawang termino.

Ang mga iniulat na pandaraya ng kampo ni Marcos sa 1986 halalan at mga karahasan ay humantong sa pagbibitiw ng kalihim ng pagtatanggol na si Juan Ponce Enrile at military vice-chief of staff Fidel Ramos.

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However, the complication in the calculation is that the initial amounts of radiocarbon in the environment, which are in turn incorporated into growing organisms, vary slightly from year to year and between different parts of the global carbon cycle.

The radiocarbon in the leaf fossils preserved in the sediment of Lake Suigetsu comes directly from the atmosphere and, as such, is not affected by the processes that can slightly change the radiocarbon levels found in marine sediments or cave formations.

dating, the determination of the age of an object, of a natural phenomenon, or of a series of events.'Such changes can be very significant when you are trying to examine human responses to climate that are often dated by other methods, such as through layer counting from the Greenland ice cores.

For the first time we have a more accurate calibrated time-scale, which will allow us to answer questions in archaeology that we have not had the resolution to address before.' ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Generally, researchers use a composite record called Int Cal to determine the ages of objects, based on their radiocarbon measurements.'It also allows us to look at the differences between the atmosphere and oceans, and study the implications for our understanding of the marine environment as part of the global carbon cycle.' _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To construct a radiocarbon record from Lake Suigetsu, Professor Ramsey and his colleagues measured radiocarbon from terrestrial plant fragments spaced throughout the core.

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