Kumoricon dating game

The morning started off with a rather fun event – the Random Panel. Competitions were held, there were dance-offs, scavenger hunts for the charity auction, and even a marriage proposal.Another panel of note covered one of my favorite anime, Sailor Moon.

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I then took a spin through the Artist Alley, which had a good deal of cool original art available.

The interesting thing about its location was that it was situated next to card- and tabletop-gaming, so anybody who wanted to could check out art, buy some prints, and then play a game of Magic: The Gathering or Flux.

Overall, it’s worth a watch if you like the original series.

After that was the usual getting settled and relaxing/resting up for the official beginning of the con.

Kumoricon pulled out all the stops in this department, as there was a dance both the first night and the second, as opposed to the usual schedule of a masquerade one night, followed by a dance the next. The last event of the night I went to was my personal favorite of the 18 events, “Where Fanfiction Goes to Die”.

In case you haven’t read the previous articles I wrote about Kumoricon, it’s a panel where the hosts read the worst of the worst, with people acting out every horrifying moment.

For those who showed up at Day Zero, there was a chance to catch Trigun: Badlands Rumble in one of the viewing rooms.

A treat for any Trigun fan, the movie provided laughs, thrills, and that classic Trigun feel.

This time it was the 18 version, so the humor and jokes were more innuendo-laden and more risqué, which of course got the crowd laughing heartily.

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