geochronological dating - Kln90b updating database

You create a free account on the Bendix King Wingman Services page, then log in and purchase the package you want.The app you use to transfer the database is very buggy, crashes often, and can wreak havoc on your machine and card reader if you aren't careful.

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They had the required equipment and only charged a nominal fee to have it done.

I use that updated program to keep my KLN-89A updated.

I have a port on my panel that I plug directly into that allows me to do updates right from the laptop.

I download the databases directly from Bendix Wingman services.

Follow all the steps carefully and when in doubt, give them a call if you have issues.

Going through all these hoops, I can see why Garmin is beating the pants off everyone else in the market. You have a few options to update the database card.The easiest, but most expensive, option is to get a new card from Rockwell Collins (the folks who bought Bendix King).It is approved for IFR en route, terminal, and non-precision approach use.It is this capability to fly approaches that distinguishes it from the competition.If you need these items for a new installation, please choose "Yes" in response to the "Need Installation Hardware" question.

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