Kim porter al bsure dating

I have been around black people my entire life, and have yet to see all 42 million, and I know you haven’t.

Kim porter al bsure dating

As you said, most people wouldn’t think you were mixed Quote: I’m light brown but am not Derek jeter complexion. I simply stated that while people like (nick cannon, tyrese, Michael B Jordan )are what you consider typical AA’s. And most would think that.) You don’t seem to understand that African-American is simply a cultural name. As I stated, mulattoes or mixed bloods have been part of it since the 1600’s.

That comment right there say a lot about your exposure. 9 of them are by white women(all the kids look white). People like(Deter Jeter who I know is mixed btw, Sinbad and Quincy) as well as(nick cannon, tyrese, Michael B Jordan ) are very common in my area. Also saying an AA is mixed blooded, is like saying the sun is hot, just a fact.

Birth Name: Quincy Brown Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U. Date of Birth: June 4, 1991 Ethnicity: African-American Quincy, also known as Quincy Brown and Quincy Combs, is an American actor, recording artist, and entrepreneur. Quincy was born to model Kimberly Porter and singer/producer Al B. Quincy’s paternal grandparents are Albert Joseph Brown II and Cassandra. This is strange Kim Porter’s mom just passed from the same illness.

He was adopted by producer/musician Sean Combs, after he began a relationship with Quincy’s mother.

However people like Sinbad, Derek Jeter, and Quincy are normal to me. I showed pictures of him to people I know and they all guessed he was mixed with white. Not saying he is but he looks it with his skin complexion, hair and phenotype.

Plus now you know that Quincy father is not white Also we’ve already have established from previous comments, that your exposure to mixed blooded people other than your family has been kinda limited. They were shocked when I said both parents are African-American. ) I am not being defensive, nor at anywhere in my comment, did I say he was not mixed.

However ever black person I know, could fit in every last one of those places you listed.

Each group goes from white to black Log in to Reply @Andrews Now if you would take off your silly Eurocentric goggles for a minute, and open up your (mister magoo) eyes and realize that you said it yourself.

Point of the matter is, he looks mixed cause he’s from the new world. He looks like several of my Caribbean friends who say they’re mulattoes.

The oddest thing is he does not like a British/black mixture.

Plus blacks during slavery 200 yrs ago were raped by whites.

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