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to witness the wedding of Thelma and Keith, a former collegiate star running back for the University of Illinois, who was just drafted by the Chicago Bears.

In the final of the story arc, "Florida's Homecoming: Part 4", at the wedding, in a freak mishap which epitomized the misfortune of the Evans' family's financial plight, Keith injures his knee, tripping over future brother in-law J.

J.; Thelma, showing strength of character in dealing with the sometimes combative Keith, influences him to make a decision between her and the bottle, and he smashes bottle when he throws it against the bedroom door!

By the time of the series final episode "The End of the Rainbow", the good fortune which happens to spread throughout the Evans' clan and Willona, also reaches Keith, as he finds out from another examination from the Chicago Bears' team doctor that his leg is completely healed, and that he can take full contact on it without risking further injury, which means he can play football again, as the team signs him to a multi-year contract, meaning he and Thelma, who's expecting the birth of their first child, can move out of the ghetto, and into a new duplex condominium in a nearby affluent North Side neighborhood, on Baker Street, which also happens to be upstairs from Willona, who bought the first floor condo!Reverend Prebendary Rose Hudson-Wilkin will stay with the coffin throughout the night, along with a catafalque guard of honour, before it is taken to Southwark Cathedral for a full police funeral.The honour, which requires the consent of the Queen, is normally reserved for heads of state and senior politicians such as Baroness Thatcher and Tony Benn.Being back in the studio was a welcome feeling, Anderson tells Billboard. But once I did, it felt like I was supposed to write these songs of healing.I started writing and performing again and have never had so much fun touring.Played by actor Ben Powers, Keith, a professional football player, begins dating Thelma, before marrying her in the four-episode story "Florida's Homecoming" at the beginning of Season 6.

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