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Brittany Daniels was reading a book while Brittany Daniels boyfriend was enjoying the pool.

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Keenen has produced, directed, and written a large number of films starring one or more of his brothers and sisters in the cast.

When Keenen became famous, fans quickly learned that he was one of many talented people in his family.

Keenen Ivory Wayans‘ beautiful daughter, Nala Wayans, has reportedly Nala Wayans is one of Keenen Ivory’s five children with his former wife, Daphne Wayans.

Back in 2001, Keenen married the mother of his children, Daphne Polk.

I'd had the playboys where you rush to the bathroom in the morning to get made up and swallow Listerine before he wakes up. Alex has insight, he's sexy and intelligent, street smart.

He is very moral, and his confidence is astounding to someone like me, who sometimes has lots and then none.The actress was lying on her boyfriend and giving him a long lasting kiss.The couple did not care about their observers at all and later started to nap in each other’s arms.In addition, Keenan Ivory Wayans was married to his ten years relationship partner Daphne Wayans who is also involved in television business.She is known as a star from the TV show called “Hollywood Exes” which is broadcasted on the VH1 channel.Most of the Wayans family members are known for being hilariously funny but one of the younger Wayans is taking a different route.

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