Kalki koechlin dating

We have already applied for divorce and will get it soon," said Kalki.

The two had always been open about their relationship.

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Kalki koechlin dating

Anurag also had the tendency to get angry about very small things and that over time started affecting his relationship with his wife.

"I used to tell him that the sky won't fall if you switch off your internet for a day.

Their love story was heart-warming and they always looked very much in love.

But things obviously didn't work out for several reasons.

Anurag was at the time married to Aarti Bajaj, who has edited all his films except the forthcoming "Bombay Velvet," but they soon got divorced in 2009. Anurag asked Kalki out six months into the shoot for the film. It's only after Anurag started frequenting Kalki's plays and started watching almost every show that Kalki realized the extent of his feelings. We are both very emotional creatures," said Kalki in an interview.

Anurag was madly in love with Kalki soon after he met her, but Kalki wasn't aware of it. Live-in Relationship Soon after they started dating, the couple decided to move in together.

It took both a long time to come to a decision about their marriage and separate.

Anurag and Kalki issued a statement to the media in 2013 which read, "Me and Kalki are separating, we are taking time off from each other to figure things out. We request the media to please respect our privacy and give us our space and not speculate.

Are we dreaming or Anurag Kashyap is finally giving us a sneak peek of his life?

After flaunting silence for the longest time about his relationship with Shubhra Shetty, the popular filmmaker has finally opened up. I don’t believe it is anybody’s business to know.” the director said in an interview with Filmfare.

Here's looking at how this Bollywood couple's relationship went from courtship to divorce.

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