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That's the angle Renee Zellweger took over the last few weeks, as friends say this famous couple recently split due to the actress' desire to get married.They had a great run, avoiding tabloid pages more than most Hollywood couples, but it's now over Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger. The movie stars met in 2009 and moved in together last fall.RELATED: Jennifer Lopez ‘Rising Above’ Divorce, Randy Jackson Says “After their date in New York, Bradley and Jennifer stayed in touch,” says a source close to Lopez.

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JLo and Marc announced their divorce just under two months ago on July 15th.

Marc has since stated that the marriage was over for some time – so much for a reconciliation.

(CBS) Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez stepped out together over the weekend, sparking rumors of a possible romance.

According to reports, the actor and "American Idol" judge had dinner on Saturday night at New York City's Per Se restaurant.

They had not been spotted out again until yesterday -- when a photo surfaced of Bradley Cooper driving an SUV and a woman who certainly looked like JLo ... According to our sources, the woman in the photo is definitely JLo.

We're told the two enjoy each other's company but are keeping things simple for now.

It’s been made very clear however that Cooper is not dating either of these women.

Now however a new rumor has started to spread; that Cooper and the recently separated Jennifer Lopez are dating.

Bradly Cooper sure is living up his single bachelor lifestyle.

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