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Flash cards are often developed for each type of challenging situation and phase of treatment.

They can take various forms such notes or poems, depending on the creativity of the therapist and the developmental level of the Vulnerable Child mode, and may be carefully thought-out or spontaneous gestures.

It is a summary of all the major elements and stages of the therapy process and, as such, provides an important template.

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This leads to a secure attachment developing between the patient and therapist, a form of attachment that is known to lead growth and integration.

Imagery during the change phase also involves encouraging the patient to express emotions.

Dialogues can also take place between the patient and imagined significant others for such purposes as reaching closure or practicing assertiveness.

Imagery work and chair work are frequently blended with one another.

Cognitive strategies expand on standard cognitive behavioral therapy techniques such as listing pros and cons of a schema, testing the validity of a schema, or conducting a dialogue between the "schema side" and the "healthy side".

is the process of establishing a therapeutic relationship between therapist and patient that can offer something like parenting for the patient's Child modes, beyond the collaborative adult relationship found in standard cognitive therapy.They are developed by the therapist or collaboratively by therapist and patient.The statements are similar to those made by a parent to a child at the developmental age that the patient currently experiences their Vulnerable Child mode. Young for use in treatment of personality disorders and chronic DSM Axis I disorders, such as when patients fail to respond or relapse after having been through other therapies (for example, traditional cognitive behavioral therapy).Schema therapy is an integrative psychotherapy Techniques used in schema therapy including limited reparenting and Gestalt therapy psychodrama techniques such as imagery re-scripting and empty chair dialogues. There is a growing literature of outcome studies on schema therapy, where schema therapy has shown impressive results. They may be made up of emotional memories of past hurt, tragedy, fear, abuse, neglect, unmet safety needs, abandonment, or lack of normal human affection in general.Early maladaptive schemas can also include bodily sensations associated with such emotional memories.

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