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Padalecki told Us Weekly how he felt about Rory's final choice. That would have been nice." alum shared that he thought "Logan was a dick." (Logan, portrayed by Matt Czuchry, was Rory's Yale sweetheart.) PHOTOS: Costar couples "They each brought something out in Rory that she needed at the time," Czuchry noted during the panel, although the actor confessed that he personally was on "Team Jess." The series' leading lady Bledel, however, was more diplomatic about her romantic interests. “They’re all such wonderful actors.” Scott Patterson, who played Luke Danes in the series, was rather direct about the guys' very blatant flaws. "Oh, man, I have no idea," he reflected on the red carpet.

Jared padalecki and alexis bledel dating dating services for the rich

I'm totally team Jess." PHOTOS: Reunited costars Meanwhile, Ventimiglia shared with Us that he was rooting for Padalecki's character.

"None of you were good enough for Rory," he joked on the panel.

She was very annoyed at having to audition, and she didn't want to speak to us. "' While her character was obsessed with the thought of Harvard but eventually became an alumni of Yale, another, equally prestigious Ivy League school, Alexis herself was a student at NYU, studying film at the Tisch School of Arts.

She just wanted go home and back to bed, and we're like, "She hates us. Like Blair Waldorf, the protagonist of that , they had discussed the possibility of getting married, with Alexis telling the magazine, ' I think everybody who has been dating for more than a couple of years probably talks about it at some point.

She was initially slated to appear in the sequel, which finally arrived until 2014, but eventually didn't feature.

In fact, English is actually her second language, as Alexis is of Argentinian descent and grew up speaking Spanish with her parents.

has been major, TBH, but yesterday was a biggie, when we found out that Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) was going to be joining the already amazing cast of the new reboot. But she’s dating like any young woman with that face would be.” And now that we know the trifecta is complete, we can officially pick sides.

Now, we know that there’s gonna be a lot of ~drama~ going on, because all three of Rory’s exes are on board. And even though Dean was “perfect,” we can’t help but root for #Team Jess, because.

"My personal feelings though are that fans really deserve it.

They've given us so much love and affection over the years, and it continues on a daily basis," he told Us.

All Dean has to do is call our name, and we'll be there on the next train!

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