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Ellen’s age—9—isn’t revealed until about halfway through, and before that readers might think she’s older; her voice feels more an adult’s version of a child’s voice than authentically childlike.

Her chattiness and distractibility are told about instead of shown, and when Ellen’s teacher asks her to focus more in class and follow directions, she instantly becomes a model student.

Abby shoves them out of sight, but she can't ignore Blue's own spookiness—he leaps and shies away from things no one else can see.

(2010, on landing Big) Penny Marshall gave me the part in Big.

She goes, "You can improvise again." So I get on set and I start trying to improvise and she goes, "No, you can't do that." I said, "Penny, the part's nothing.

Abby Lovitt has always been more at ease with horses than with people.

Her father insists they call all the mares 'Jewel' and all the geldings 'George' and warns Abby not to get attached: the horses are there to be sold.

You said I could." She said, "I know, but the writers don't want you to." I go, "Then what am I here for?

" She didn't want me to do anything-just play it totally straight. Ned, a recently retired racehorse, comes to live at Abby’s farm, and Ellen realizes she can talk to him—in person and also sometimes from her bedroom.Ellen also discovers both that her parents are about to adopt a baby girl and that she herself is adopted.True Blue, a gorgeous and personable gray, seems full of potential.But he comes with literal baggage—trunks of saddles and bridles and, most spookily, his dead former owner's boots.A young rider named Ellen Leinsdorf takes the reins in this first part of a trilogy set in the same California town as Smiley’s series aimed at slightly older readers, the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch.

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