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And, has interviewed many of the biggest celebrities, authors, experts and “movers and shakers” in the world.Murphy concludes that when it comes to doing press. Thank you so much for your book, Interview Tactics.

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FOX NEWS is doing a nationwide story on my company ‘Freedom Laser Therapy’ and thankfully, your book was discovered before my interview happened. ” Listen to Internet Marketing Expert, Alex Mandossian, as he turns the microphone on Gayl in this much-talked about tele-seminar.

In this high-quality audio, Gayl covers the key points of Interview Tactics so you can hear for yourself the importance of being prepared, knowing your story and how to package it in a “media friendly way.” (VALUE = $19.95) [3] GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER PUBLICIST In Partnership with the Mentor Line (National Association of Women Writers) Here’s a hot audio designed and recorded to help you become your own publicist helping your to promote your own product and/or service to the media in a media-friendly way.

Her book and coaching gives you the tools you need to stand out while not being overbearing.

You will learn how the media thinks, how to work with them, and what they need to help you to successfully promote your project or skill. Neder, Author of Being a Man in a Woman’s World INTERVIEW TACTICS!

My wife and I started reading it together and couldn’t put it down.

With a subject regarding interviewing, we thought it could be a bit boring, but we were so wrong! Wow, I’m now ready, and won’t be caught off guard when I’m asked to do that next interview.

Are you ready to “network it” and “pitch the media” so you take advantage of all the free publicity and chatter about you? If you’re a CEO, showbiz pro, author, expert, entrepreneur, webceleb, techceleb, or creative business decision-maker, then you know you might as well be putting your head in the lion’s mouth when it comes to talking to the media, using social media or networking with important decision makers. is the how-to be interviewed and media training survival guide that lays out the step-by-step power tools you need for going ONE-ON-ONE WITH THE PRESS, CAMERA, MICROPHONE (or any gate keeper) so you can give that KILLER INTERVIEW! the book and coaching is HOW TO SURVIVE THE MEDIA WITHOUT GETTING CLOBBERED. In this 24/7 instant-everything, information world, it’s imperative that you have a successful media strategy.

” These challenging times demand invention and ‘re-invention’.

You can also burn it to a CD and listen to it in the car while driving to and from your media events Get INTEVIEW TACTICS (the book) mailed to your home or business office and gain access to the media coaching audio archives of Gayl Murphy’s recorded tele-seminars, interviews and speeches. Listen to the audio on your computer or take it with you in your MP3 player.

You can also burn it to a CD and listen to it in the car while driving to and from your media events! Turn “Festive Chit-Chat into Business Cha-Ching Schmoozing Parties, Celebrations and Networking Events.” Does your business pitch pack a powerful punch?

I can directly equate hundreds of successful interviews to Gayl’s Teachings! HOW TO SURVIVE THE MEDIA WITHOUT GETTING CLOBBERED!

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