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Matt Hardy and lita really broke up Matt hardy has a girlfriend and lita is single. amy dumas (lita) is seeing edge (adam copeland) in real life as well as on tv..

The wrestling company coming off of its biggest pay-per-view of the year, Wrestle Mania 31, issued the following statement, announcing former WWE Divas Champion Lee is leaving WWE and active in-ring competition: At Wrestle Mania 31 back on March 29, AJ Lee teamed with Paige to defeat The Bella Twins.

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Is cm punk still dating lita

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they dated back in 2011,just before he start dating beth who is the reason for them to break up at the first place and then it was reported that he cheated on beth with lita and leading them to a break up;early 2012 they got back together around april or february,i'm not sure,they've since together,a lot of rumors had been spreading about amy being pregnet or even married to cm punk but it turned out to be all false Answer .

Last month, "The Straight Edge Superstar" and the WWE Divas Champion were shown seated together at Wrigley Field during WGN's broadcast of a Chicago Cubs versus Pittsburgh Pirates game.

This naturally jump-started rumors online, especially on social mediasome fans on Twitter have stated that they were blocked by Punk for mentioning Lee to him in messages.

She reacted telling the fan not to put her kids in pictures with Lita, branding the four-time WWE Women’s Championship a "hoe".

One fan, Trent Allen, told her: "I’d love to see you say s**** like that to Lita. Recent news of Stacy Keibler's fling with A-list actor George Clooney brings about memories of various pro wrestling relationships that have captivated the hearts and headlines of fans and pundits alike.WWE has shot various angles featuring on-screen couples, but history dictates that most of these on-screen romances are either real, or end up being real.It was AJ Lee’s second Wrestle Mania victory, improving her record at the event to 2-0. speculated on social media posts by NXT Diva Bayley made during Wrestle Mania 31 weekend.The site said that it should be noted that although AJ’s in-ring action was limited in the Wrestle Mania 31 match with Paige against The Bella Twins, she did wrestle on RAW this past Monday night, and WWE would never allow someone that is pregnant to work a match. Below are Bayley’s posts from Wrestle Mania weekend: AJ Lee’s success on WWE television was taking place while her real-life husband, CM Punk, was at odds with the company over a variety of issues.Although she stood a petite, 5-foot-2, AJ was a fierce competitor with an energetic, high-flying style that posed a threat to any Diva.

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