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He entered the field after earning his law degree at Harvard and working for two years in the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps.

“He (Robert) didn’t realize how crowded the area was until after the funeral, and he wanted to have the ability to lay his wife to rest among her family members,” Maki said.

“He opted for an area of the cemetery where there is room for future expansion.” But there are no other family members — Kennedy’s or Mary’s — buried there right now.

Kennedy's unsuccessful bid for the vice-presidential nomination.

Over time, John Kennedy developed a close social relationship with the Reggies.

Many of the Kennedys are buried in Brookline, Mass. Mary, 52, who battled drug and alcohol addiction and was despondent over her impending divorce from Bobby, hanged herself in May at her barn in Bedford, Westchester County. Word of the surprising plot switch came on the same day the Daily News reported that Mary might have changed her mind at the last minute about hanging herself.

Shortly after she died, Bobby found himself locked in an astonishing family feud with Mary’s siblings over where she should be buried. Her autopsy report revealed that her fingers were caught between her neck and the noose when she was found dead on May 16 in her barn in Bedford.

Kennedy made headlines in February of 2017 when he was arrested in Aspen following a bar fight.

Kennedy plead guilty to disorderly conduct, and maintains that he was defending his friend who had been called a homophobic slur.

More recently, Kennedy has become increasingly vocal in defending Planned Parenthood and battling against Republican initiatives to cut healthcare spending.

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