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"Britney fell for him during the The romance hasn't gone down well with Britney's dad Jamie though.

"Jamie's concerned about Sam's motives for dating Britney," the friend said."When Sam posted that photo, Britney's management asked him to take it down - it was against her dad's rules.

Ebersol is the son of the iconic NBC executive Dick Ebersol and works as a television and film producer.

It’s so great to see a strong independent woman express how she’s happy the way she is with or without a man.

“I might French kiss someone, but I’m not going to marry anyone.

PHOTOS: Britney's music video looks Prior to this relationship, the “Perfume” singer dumped boyfriend David Lucado in August, announcing at one of her concerts during her Las Vegas residency that he had cheated on her.

She started dating Lucado after splitting from fiancé Jason Trawick in January.

#Happy Britney Day,” but has yet to mention the producer directly by name.

In honor of Britney Day, she also posted a Flipagram video from her special day.

Britney Spears got her own day (aptly named “Britney Day”) in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Nov.

5, and to celebrate she opened up and confirmed that she does indeed have a new boyfriend.

“Actually, I’m not looking for men right now, I’m really happy with myself.

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