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A few years ago, they did an interview with MTV where they talked about the ship and its fans.

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"I don't think [she] had ever done something that was raw and indie like this, and her gutsiness in going forward was incredibly impressive and shows on camera," he said.

"I was so lucky to have her there." Despite working on this project, Seater and Leggat don't get to see one another as often as they'd like.

Seater described it as "a very rustic affair and #indie," and while it was a wonderful experience, no one had much privacy during production.

that he just knows what to say to get me in the place I need to be," she said.

" We'll be anxiously waiting for the "Uncle Michael" pic, guys.

Unlike a traditional film, the cast and director worked together to create the story from script to screen.

They did that thing where they put them in scenes and situations where it was, like, impossible to not ship them, and then acted all surprised that people shipped them.

I wrote figurative dissertations about this show on my Livejournal, okay, it was a big thing.

And just yesterday, both of them teased the possibility of a reunion where they read Dasey fanfiction. #Life With Derek #Dasey #Ohboyyyy Lo — Ashley Leggat (@Ashley Leggat) March 1, 2018 I cannot tell you how excited I am at the thought of these two doing a podcast where they read Dasey fic, even if it is only once.

Seater even mentioned a podcast (though didn’t specify whether it would be a one-off or a recurring thing – please be recurring! So if @Ashley Leggat and I did a podcast where we read *ahem* #dasey fanfic… #Life With Derek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ GOyq9pm4 — Michael Seater (@michaelseater) March 1, 2018 I think some fanfic reading from @michaelseater and I could get very interesting… In fact, I have a few recommendations for them, if they don’t know which fic to pick…

Michael Bruce Patrick Seater (born January 15, 1987), known professionally as Michael Seater, is a Canadian actor, director, screenwriter, and producer.

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