Intimidating conversation

So the three of us dreamed up inevitable awkward situations, and together we thought of sentences he could say that would buy him time but not alienate him from his friends or make anyone feel like he was judging them.We also tried to weave in humor to make sure his responses would be in keeping with his personality.

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Here are some we decided upon together: Alcoholism runs rampant in my family and partly on Craig’s.

The genes my kids have been passed down are loaded with danger when it comes to alcohol.

And it is, in Craig and my opinion, a perfectly acceptable way for Chase to explain the unique danger to HIS body alcohol presents.

It gets his VERY IMPORTANT point across without the embarrassment he’d experience by having to explain about our family’s alcoholism.

For example, a GOOD, KIND, WONDERFUL friend could ask him to make a BAD, DANGEROUS decision.

Sometimes it can seem to us like the best idea to keep peace and keep our friendship is just to say yes and hope for the best.I have moments where I'm like, I'm not pretty enough or passable enough to be that girl.I'm not pretty enough to really represent the community in this way.She does this almost single-handedly given the dearth of trans stars.I talked to her about this, her insecurities, her role, and her dating life last week at the Gawker office (or more specifically, on the Gawker office's roof).I haven't had the extreme makeover to look like that, so maybe I can just be authentically myself. I've been doing a lot of work around dealing with shame.

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