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(Actually, had I not been laughing the whole time, I think she would have really scared me.) Atlanta is very tolerant, but it can be otherwise, just more mild. I've had my masculinity openly questioned by black men, who also make obscene gestures to my dates, and I've faced icy stares and ugly comments in private from white men.

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I live in Atlanta and moved from California and I have been dating outside of my race for the past 4 years since my divorce.

(Here's where I'll get natives from those others cities to blast me.... I've never been outright assaulted in Metro Atlanta on a date with a black woman like I have in other cities.

I've never felt in fear of my, or my dates safety in a club in Atlanta like I have in other cities.

I've been all over the country, but I've lived in Atlanta for all of my life, with heavy ties to the midwest.

I've been here for 35 years or so, and have had, and continue to have lots of contact with other major cities such as NYC, Chicago, DC and LA. Jackson defended his questioning of black British actors playing American roles.The Kong: Skull Island star, 68, offered clarification to the Associated Press on Wednesday, March 8. “But it was just a comment about how Hollywood works in an interesting sort of way sometimes.” Jackson added: “We’re not afforded that same luxury, but that’s fine, we have plenty of opportunities to work … I enjoy working with them when I have the opportunity to do that.” The Snakes on a Plane star received flak for comments he made during a Monday, March 6, radio interview with New York City’s Hot 97. “I think it’s great that movie’s doing everything it’s doing, and people are loving it. I know the young brother who’s in the movie, and he’s British,” he said.There was also 21,000 drop between black men and white women between 2007-2008.Asian men and black women marriages in 2008 were at 12,000; an increase of about 33.3% from 2006.Not to say that Atlanta is a safe haven, but it's been far, far less of an issue, from MY experience.

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