Internet dating guardian

So what lessons are there to be learned from a dating world which has moved online? The numbers game These days, at least in the early stages, dating is a numbers game. The very nature of dating websites means you can interact with several people at one time, so you should never assume someone is only talking to you.Exclusivity still exists, but you should never assume it.Meet up as quickly as possible, so that you can work out if you have a connection in real life.

With that in mind, try to be mindful of other people’s feelings.

Don’t lead people on just for the attention, and be honest about your intentions. A lesson in self-awareness The more dates I go on, the more I find I learn about myself.

But after several months of bullying – sorry, I mean peer pressure – I finally gave in to joining the online dating game.

It can be quite daunting at first, bigging yourself up whilst trying to avoid sounding like an egotistical salesman. DON’T do anything you’re not comfortable with” pointers, but they’re all fairly self- explanatory.

I used to be a girl with a lengthy tick-list of criteria for my ideal man, but nowadays I’ve learned which attributes really matter.

The thing I found, though, was that these characteristics only became clear once I experienced them, or found them lacking, in real life.Emails are routinely ignored and many people seem loathe to meet in the dangerous offline world.Are internet daters simply floundering in a new medium with unclear rules or is there a more fundamental problem?I once had someone critique my profile, and I found it really hurtful.It takes a lot to put yourself online, so respect that in other daters too.Your profile should describe you – not the person you want to be, but the person your date will meet in real life. Yes, they should be flattering and well chosen, but you need to understand the difference between a good photo of yourself, and one which doesn’t actually look like you.

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