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Raveninns on 7/9/2007 342 PMread that message, and thought, "Hey... " Hmm..what I understand, Adam had a previous wife (Lilith) and they had many children.

One night she woke all her daughters, and slaughtered all her sons.

Laws are/should be imposed as a guideline of those a sign of disrespect for those who think total freedom (chaos) rules supreme.anyone that imposes a serious law in respect of those unable to fend for themselves (children born of incest with birth defects) as some form of tyranny.

JMO Knowing there is a predisposition for a birth defect.parents are responsible in taking care of birth control on their own accord.

Why do we not imprision those selfish mothers who have a disposition for having retarded children, or ones with other birth defects.

After the second child is born handicapped shouldn't we say enough is enough, and perhaps force her to have abortions in the future or sterilize her?

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Strangers were not well tolerated either, so not a lot of new blood was introduced. (Notice I said "reported") Doesn't mean it doesn't happen...sometimes by accident. The family law in Australia bans people from contracting marriages involving very close relatives (i.e.

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