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If you have any general questions about Tax$ave 2011, the open enrollment, or the Premium Option Plan, visit the Division of Pensions and Benefits’ Tax$ave Internet site at: The Division of Pension and Benefits is streamlining the current procedures for the reporting of all retroactive salary increases for both retired and active members of all State-administered retirement systems.

Completed forms can be faxed to the Defined Contribution Plans Unit at (609) 341-3410.

Employees no longer eligible for participation in the DCRP also need to be made aware of their distribution options.

Employers should inform employees to access the Open Enrollment information online or provide the PDF versions via e-mail attachment or your Departmental Intranet.

For cases where online or e-mail notification is not possible, a paper flier giving instructions on accessing the Open Enrollment publications is provided with this letter and can be copied and distributed as required.

The provisions of Chapter 31 apply as of July 1, 2010. 2010 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION If you have additional questions regarding Chapter 31, or any of the information provided in this letter, contact the Division’s Office of Client Services at (609) 292-7524, or e-mail the Division.

Please refer to the following questions and answers to help in implementing this change. CO Letter in Printable Format In August of 2010, the Division of Pensions and Benefits will begin to hold Retirement Workshops for members of the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System (PFRS).

A copy of the contract, salary guide or resolution should be submitted to the Division of Pensions and Benefits with the dates effected by the retroactive salary increase.

As an example, if the retroactive salary is paid in November 2010, going back to January 2008, the new quarterly base salary should be reported on the 4th quarter 2010 IROC.

CO Letter in Printable Format This letter is being distributed as a notice of reminder to Certifying Officers of changes to eligibility in the Defined Contribution Retirement Program (DCRP). As of May 21, 2010, an employee must earn an annual salary of in the DCRP who earns less than ,000 annually, may no longer participate in or contribute to the DCRP.

Employers are to discontinue withholding the 5.5% contribution immediately upon receipt of this notification for any employees who have been participating in the DCRP should be completed for each employee for whom deductions have ceased due to ineligibility.

Over time we expect these new procedures will increase the timeliness of updating members’ retirement account information.

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