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At 20, Joe (whose family took its name from the "Weinsteins" they peddled, crystals of potassium bitartrate used for cooking and cleaning) was well on his way to the New World, having journeyed 600 miles from his native Galicia in Eastern Europe to this German port, joining thousands of other Jews fleeing rampant anti-Semitism.What happened upon Joe's arrival in America is unknown, and he vanishes from the records until 1918, when he married another Galician Jew, Pauline Fischman, a petite 22-year-old who was working as a dress finisher.A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future.

However, Banner then must fight a soldier whom unleashes himself as a threat stronger than he.

Government, must find a cure for the monster he emerges whenever he loses his temper.

Bob marveled that his father could be such a family man, given how little love he got at home.

In his mid-20s, on a visit to the Catskills after serving in World War II, he met a woman named Miriam Postal and asked if she'd like to dance. They married in 1950 and remained together until Max's death from cardiac arrest in 1976 at age 51.

Half-hidden as he was by the door, she didn't quite realize what was going on until she was inside the room and the door had closed behind her."My first response was, 'Oh my God! These are sophisticated people, they do this all the time.' "Weinstein dropped the towel, and Wachowiak struggled to keep her eyes on his face as he strolled around, until he sat down and laid the folder on his lap. " he asked, pointing either to a check or his private parts.

Then he chuckled, as if enjoying her embarrassment.Unlike the flamboyant Miriam, Max had a low-key personality, a trait inherited by Bob, though not Harvey.Peter Adler, a close childhood friend of Harvey's, remembers Max as a quiet, reserved figure who preferred to stay on the sidelines, watching TV or reading.was his first foray into film producing, and so he spent a lot of time on set.Wachowiak, based in the production offices, didn't see him much; in fact, she saw more of his brother, Bob, 25, the quiet one whom nobody really noticed, who "seemed trustworthy, like somebody you'd talk to."One day, a production accountant asked her to take a folder of checks to Harvey's room in a modest hotel. When it opened, she says, she found him naked, except for a small towel draped around his waist. I'm just going to look at his face, get the checks signed and get out of here.With Joe now employed as a fishmonger and Pauline in the laundry business, the couple hunkered down to a working-class life, producing 10 children in rapid succession (one died days after being born), including their fourth, Bob and Harvey's father, Max.

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