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Expect black atheletes to be reals long enough for them to incurr evil, thereby limiting how much time they receive up there.And the gods have manufactured great irony in today's black music scene::: You incurr evil like major label artists but without any of the associated wealth. You are incurring evil and it will limit your time/priveledge level and cost you your chance to survive The Big End. If their behavior was a response to freewill offenses then it is justified.Those without promise will go home each day and turn on the television or fall for other items in this temptation-ladden environment.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You know the difference between niggers and black people???? When the "chips are on the table" the blacks who are sensitive to the word "nigger" with be the ones targetted with the manufactured incidents designed as incitors.

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[url= [url= or here [url= [email protected] from what I teach because this is THE event and it won't happen again.

Music is the worst distraction upon poeple because its appeal is maintained over time, unlike other tools they use in the media to prey on the disfavored (movies, etc):: You can listen to your favorite album again and again.

But in light of their back-stabbing, Artificial Intelligence-inspired offenses and their sinister, temptation-ridden environment this response is degenerate.

They pushed Africans into being hypersexual then they murdered them with AIDS. When the Brain Less Clone Hosts were switched back around the Roaring20s/Great Depression they used the newbie's preditory behavior to corrupt the masses. The gods do it to us and use their tools, Brain Less Clone Hosts, to accomplish this::::1.

They use Brain Less Clone Hosts for a reason::: BEING FAMOUS IS BAD FOR YOU!!!

Famous people incurr evil by playing a part in this distraction theater and is why they get their reals out and put these fake people in. And the gods manage this population by getting them out once they put in their time, every couple months to every couple of years depending on usage.

I'm writing from a cozy little cybercafe in DC which, I swear, if I was forced to leave New Orleans forever, I would make DC my home. But everyone is friendly if you want them to be - I just have to ask a dumb tourist question or tell them I'm from New Orleans, and they're my best friend. As such the gods accept culpability, having forced them into the migration. It primarily taqrgetted an audience less disfavored than this Southern country/western demographic.

It reminds me of New Orleans so much, and it's very easy to navigate. NY is cool too, but it's taken be some time to get used to the subways and rushed pace. Speaking of NY, I want to thank everyone who made my DC night in NY at Belly such a HUGE success. Political strife are just abrasive, arrogant individuals, unwilling to accept the rules of their motherland because of their disfavor."(Blah)." I've had it too bad for too long. Too many of you are proud of the perpetual nature of your music genre.

Yes, it was small and, yes, I know y'all wanted to dance, but I'm just grateful to everyone who made it happen at the last minute. James, LA, I'll tell those of you who weren't there just what you missed. ) and then I have a full plate of activity when I get back to NY - Kurtis Blow's Harlem Hip Hop Church, Hip Hop NY Bus Tour, P-Funk show at the Apollo, dancing to Cut Chemist at APT, and more record browsing/shopping and visiting with displaced and new friends. The reality is country'western IS perpetual because the gods hate your guts and want you consumed by this music.

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They are going to divide the disfavored into those with promise and those without. Street racers would be smart to take their racing out to the dirt track, but they are best served by refraining from this activity. If there is an "angle" expect it comes at YOUR expense.

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