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Once you've seen a movie there's no reason to see it again.

Blacks be looking up at white trash too:::: They'd be wise to improve their lives by upgrading from hip hop to raggae, but they are best served by not listening to music.

Street racers would be smart to take their racing out to the dirt track, but they are best served by refraining from this activity.

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HTH isn't merely a Jew repellant::: It was also a warning to not get involved in the Situation."What do aliens have to do with Halloween? One problem with the Irish is their corruptability, and many of them think they are earning because they are the source of this event.

Quite the contrary::: They have lost time because Halloween is used to hurt children today.

Those without promise will go home each day and turn on the television or fall for other items in this temptation-ladden environment.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You know the difference between niggers and black people???? When the "chips are on the table" the blacks who are sensitive to the word "nigger" with be the ones targetted with the manufactured incidents designed as incitors.

They suggest they have used their environment as a "nigger disposal system", where they bring people up, offer them free cocaine and orgies with incredibly beautiful clones and they are disposed of in a short period of time.

They use Brain Less Clone Hosts for a reason::: BEING FAMOUS IS BAD FOR YOU!!!

Famous people incurr evil by playing a part in this distraction theater and is why they get their reals out and put these fake people in. And the gods manage this population by getting them out once they put in their time, every couple months to every couple of years depending on usage.

Politicians to take the country in a certain direction:: Iraq=war mongering, like the Romans, the Japanese, the Scandanavian rapist pirate Vikings, the Pawnee, among others.2. They are like gods in this society and those who delve into this celebrity culture will pay for it.3.

The wealthy to coerce into desired personal behavior.

They often said these people would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth:: Dead by 30 because they went up to Planet Immortality, ironically. To be angry is the green light they want.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When people get up there the gods want to appear as moral superiors and apply a fair standard as a result.

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