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The remaining babies and yearlings will be available at our table, with a bonus discount available during the early morning VIP entrance.

And be sure to check back after the weekend to see what new animals have come to join the collection here at ME 🙂 Hi friends!

I will be answering emails tonight and tomorrow morning.

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As you see on my Available Page, I’m running low on Northern blue tongue skink babies (still have some Irian Jayas left).

But there is good news for those who have their heart set on a Northern; another Canadian breeder has a few beautiful babies up for sale and is able to ship in Canada!

It’s an exciting new adventure for ME 🙂 If you’re looking to purchase an animal don’t forget to read the information I provided on the Available Page and check the Purchasing from ME, Pricing and Discounts, Terms of Sale, and Shipping pages.

Once you’ve looked at the animals and read all the information about them, contact me at Melanie [email protected] These guys were not made available last year and ended up brumating for over 4 months after the move to the new house in fall.

Note: These babies are NOT available yet, but most will be very soon.

If you’ve sent me an email in the past month or two, I will be sending an email back soon as well.There are an additional dozen babies that are not listed as available yet as I work out trades and pick holdbacks, so at least a few more will be added to the available page in the future.Local pickup is available in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.Otherwise shipping is available across Canada with Reptile Express (usually costs around 0).And for the first time ever I will be exporting some animals to the USA on August 15.I will also note that I have 2-3 more work trips happening in the next month, so updates and responses may continue to be sporadic. If I haven’t replied in a couple of days, feel free to send another email.

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