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Steve Baker is one of today's most influential harp players and an integral part of the modern harmonica scene.He was born and raised in London, England and now lives near Hamburg, Germany, where he first came in the late 1970s with the legendary jugband "Have Mercy".Each adjustment is easy to execute, sturdy construction ensures stability and reliability during performance.

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The Steven Tyler Signature Series harp is delivered in a attractive high-quality case. Patented triple laminated and layered bamboo comb construction.

Conical lower cover design by noted harmonica-customizer Joe Filisco prevents reed rattle.

Hohner has manufactured and distributed musical instruments since 1857, making it one of the world's oldest musical instrument makers.

Bob Dylan venerated American singer-songwriter, author, poet and disc jockey has been a major figure in popular music for five decades.

It also features a transparent acrylic comb, screwed construction throughout and MS style reed-plates. For the first time in Hohner's 157-year history this harmonica will feature white cover-plates and the Hohner name written in a rainbow of colours instead of the traditional red or black fonts.

It continues the tradition of specially constructed Signature series instruments, and is ideal for players, collectors, hobbyists and fans alike.

, Heavy Duty Robust Black wooven strap secured to the top of the instrument with a push-fit button fastener, Strap is secured at the base of the instrument and is fully adjustable, Tabs to fasten the back strap in the correct ergonomic position, Back straps with Snap-Fit fasteners for easy strap adjustment.

This amazing Hohner 17 key (8 Bass) mini accordion is designed for kids to play and learn, ideal for first beginner steps and introduction to music, it features a pearloid red finishes comes complete with a strap and custom backpack style bag.

00.00 MZ2600 Hohner Harmonicas Harp Depot Display Unit- Free standing display unit for counter tops, individual instrument storage, turntable mechanism built in.5.00 offers perfect solutions when playing harmonica together with guitar or other instruments.

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