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The final four sit on a couch: Fabio, Hosea, Stefan, and “Hooty Hoo!

” (or Carla, if you’re not familiar with her catchphrase).

Next, we get a Jeff montage of his crazy, creative, complex foods and his gorgeous bangs. Gail admits that a lot of what is said at the judges’ table is either boring or useless.

Andy explains up the fan favorite sweepstakes in which viewers voted online for their favorite chef and the cheftestant with the most votes would win $10,000. We get a video reel of “Hosea Highlights” where Hosea waxes poetic about his goals and his food. Hosea says that he will be putting his money in some to-be-determined business ventures.

Votes among the cheftestants are split between Carla and Fabio, until Leah (groan) jokes that even Stefan could win it, leaving Stefan to talk bigger than big. Tom states that the two parts of the finale had the best food of the season.

Of course I am going to make it to the final four.” Pompous, but sadly probably true. This time each blade bears the name of a luminary in the food world.

And Carla, well, she is just being Carla: “Molecular gastronomy and Carla are like oil and water.” So instead she plans to make Dr. Hosea scoffs at her idea, convinced that Wylie would not, could not like them in a box, or a with a fox, or with a mouse or in a house. The chefs are then tasked with cooking their selected chef’s “last supper.” Um, as in Jesus or as in death row, Bravo? Hosea: Susan Ungaro, shrimp scampi and tomatoes Provençal. As the Quickfire winner, Carla gets the option to swap for any chef but she sticks with award-winning French chef Jacques.

Tom shakes his head, adamantly saying that Stefan will not win. He also reiterates that Stefan’s biggest mistake was dessert.

Stefan tries to convince everyone that he’s happy that he didn’t win. When asked about Team Europe’s bromance (Fabio and Stefan), we get another montage.

We get to see some ridiculous joking sequences with the two of them, including lots of kisses (head, cheek) and whisperings into each others’ ears. Stefan gets an “I Heart Fabio” shirt, much to his glee.

Fabio and Stefan are still best buds in California, but Fabio states firmly that he’s straight. Next, we get a “Carla gets in tune with the Spirit Guides” video in which she meditates, sings and dances. ”: It’s a call and response for when she or her husband is lost.

He then praises Carla’s playfulness and Stefan’s technique. Fabio is also thrilled to have drawn Italian chef Lidia and says he has just been handed a letter that says “you are welcome to the final.” Hosea is focused on Stefan, instead of his own food, and seethes, “I really want to beat this guy.” Stefan summarily dismisses Hosea as a threat saying, “You can chop my legs and arms off and I still run circles around that dude.” And Leah plans to “do something a little different” with her eggs benedict. Stefan says cooking for Swede Marcus means “there is nothing I can possibly screw up with this dish.” And Hosea is struggling with whether to go traditional or his own way on the scampi.

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