south american dating agencies - Homestar runner dating simulator

You were distracted by a bird and crashed in to a girl.You now have to pay here bill and win out her heart.

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“Doki doki” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a heart beating quickly, usually with.… option makes the character say one of the following phrases at random MARZIPAN SAYS.

"Strong Bad is like the son I never had." "Strong Bad is on point." "Strong Bad, read a book!

I’ve found Crush Crush, a Idle game that goes in that vein, no match 3 and no saucy NSFW stuff though.

One bright sunny day, you were out doing your grocery, minding you own business you know.

Duct_Tape_Patrol: what jitka Jitka: I hate those signs that say "for sale by owner."Duct_Tape_Patrol: ..... "Duct_Tape_Patrol: why did you direct that towards me?

Duct_Tape_Patrol: Jitka i'm not your friend any more Jitka: What's the monkey's vine hanging from?

But something about the My Tram Experience video caught gehadnicapten public mood — a sense that our.

There is definitely some similar marketing plan in my future.

Here is where user who attend the wiki chat room can post funny quotes said in the chat room to be listed on list..funny happening..the chat room.

Just post the quote, and if they're funny enough, i'll list em.

In Crush Crush you meet all the girl in disastrous way, hence the crush but you get crush by their beauty so you engage a great journey to amend your wrong and win their heart.

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