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The Hindis, who were born and raised in Las Vegas and live in Henderson, hope that they can parlay that into network syndication.

For now, Hillary and Hannah support their show by working at separate jobs.

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Hillary hindi dating

The extras bring their own costumes and work on their own time.

The theme song was donated by a band they discovered on the Internet. Dad makes all the phone calls, using his cop credentials.

The self-taught duo was born, raised and home-schooled in Las Vegas, and their videos are the sort of hybrid entertainment that only the Internet could birth—parodies of nerdy phenomenon set to a soundtrack of pop tunes.

(See their /“Let It Go” video as an example.) Their quirky and catchy parody clips (20 in all) have brought the sisters undeniable online fame, but they desire more.

They live at home with their parents, and create late at night while sitting on Hannah’s bed. We’ll just pull from this and from that, and go from the wildest of an idea to the worst of an idea.” Their mother says she knows her daughters are working on the next episode by the sounds of giggling coming from Hannah’s room.

“It happens in our very own office we like to call my room,” Hannah, 22, says. They don’t come from a rich family, or a family of actors. They don’t know where they got their talent, but attribute much of it to distant genetics. The rest, it seems, is an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

Each episode is a two-month process from start to finish.

They have a network of over 30,000 fans who adore them.

And with the magic of hair and makeup, the sisters played two of parody May 21, one day after the show’s Season 10 finale.

The end result is a hilarious mashed-up re-creation of Swift’s ornately choreographed music video, fan-favorite scenes from the TV show and, yep, surprise cameos by the cast. came through and convinced 16 of the show’s actors to participate (read: shimmy and shake) in the video, including leads Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

It’s mid-spring, and the Wizard World Comic Con at the Las Vegas Convention Center has attracted a bevy of international TV stars and comic book icons.

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