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Members who enjoy the club scene can participate in a trolley pub-crawl, a moonlight party cruise, or events like "Martinis and Manicures" or "Pots 'n' Shots Pottery Class." This new dating trend is in stark contrast to the bar scene of the 1980s, the one-on-one matching services of the 1990s, and the speed dating phenomena that peaked a few years ago."Not all singles like to hang out in bars, many don't care for the pressure of sequential one-on-one dates, and most people find that speed dating is too superficial," says Vallone.I honestly forgot I had joined this club, after numorous attempts once I learned of this thu my automatic debits on my statements, I tried repeatedly to get out of this .

Those who crave adventure can go parasailing, caving, or experience being a fighter pilot for a day.

Music aficionados can revel in a hot night of cool jazz or attend a rock star fantasy camp, while those with cultural interests can attend a performance of the Chicago Symphony or a Frank Lloyd Wright tour.

According to Mary Vallone, President of Highlife Adventures ( an upscale social club for singles in Chicago and Indianapolis, "Men and women are stepping out from the anonymity of the online dating world and reclaiming their lives," Vallone says.

"Today's singles not only want to meet people who share their interests, but they also want to share real-life experiences with like-minded potential mates." Vallone explains that her approach serves to bring people together in a pressure-free setting.

Short Version- Tell everyone you know to avoid this place.

Long Version- My Story- Not only is this Highlife Adventures a complete waste of money, even for extremely wealthy, busy people, it doesnt take much effort to meet people.

I joined this horrible club while in my first manic episode.

Anyone with severe bipolar disorder can understand that you are not in your proper mind, its almost like tripping on drugs and blacking out for any given amount of time, and most people wouldnt suspect a thing.

"In a sense, we're going back to the future," says Vallone.

"It's as though the ice cream social of the early 20th century has been kicked up several notches." Indeed, Highlife Adventures' 3,000 Chicagoland members would be hard-pressed to find an ice cream social among the over 65 activities planned each month.

And, while online dating may appeal to the college crowd, many of the 25- to 45-year-olds members have "been there, done that." According to Vallone, "Meeting people online can be fun, but also fraught with pitfalls.

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