He dating more than one woman

This is the reason he probably has many friends or co-workers that think he’s really fun. Taurus men move a bit slow because they want to be cautious.

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It should be fairly noticeable which one he is and by that alone, you will know whether or not he’s interested in more than plutonic conversation.

When a Taurus man is interested, he will definitely flirt with you. If he isn’t doing this with you then he may just want to be friends.

The intensity that comes from him will be different.

If he likes you for more than a friend, you’ll feel the intensity that radiates from him to you.

A Taurus man that is interested in you; he will talk to you more than most other people. He will also try to figure out where you’ll be so that he can show up there.

You’ll notice him coming around you and trying to hit you up with conversation.Being physical is one of the ways they show affection.While they may still touch you like this as a friend, you’ll notice that they tend to linger a bit longer if they are interested in you.If he invites you to lunch, this could be construed as a friendly gesture.However; if he looks at you a tad bit too long or wants to find a way to touch you then it could be more.If he works with you, he may come by your desk or find reasons to walk by where you are as often as he can.

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