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Now, Microsoft delivers monthly cumulative updates so all devices are brought up to the same build.This results in a more consistent OS across enterprise devices and makes it easier to isolate and remediate application issues.“The approach of cumulative patching really goes a long way by providing a homogenous environment,” Themelis said.

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“We're not breaking them as much, and we’re seeing more consistency from the rest of the vendors.” The new release cadence of Windows 10 also reduces the OS fragmentation, providing further efficiencies for Digital Guardian through a reduced test matrix.

Historically, Windows patches were released twice a month (Patch Tuesdays), and customers had the ability to pick and choose what to install.

Partnering with Windows, data protection platform Digital Guardian is able to debug and test new technologies faster and easier than ever before.

For more information, visit: utm_campaign=windowscompatibility&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_content=digitalguardian Learn more about Digital Guardian here: Partnering with Windows, data protection platform Digital Guardian is able to debug and test new technologies faster and easier than ever before.

With the new Always up-to-date servicing model of Windows 10 (also known as Windows as a Service), customers benefit from improved application compatibility and immediate availability of Windows 10 features, while staying secure with Digital Guardian software.“Partnering with the Windows operating system is critical for us and our business,” said Ken Levine, CEO of Digital Guardian.

“For our customers to have a seamless experience between the way our agent interacts with their applications and their operating systems, we need to be in synch with Windows as much as possible.” The bulk of Digital Guardian’s customers are in the private sector, in addition to enterprise-level Fortune 500 companies.

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“With this approach, our customers are never going to have to wait.” With Windows 10, application compatibility has improved tremendously, Digital Guardian customers are seeing these results.

Because Digital Guardian’s software hooks into customers’ applications, ensuring compatibility and maintaining user experience used to be a constant challenge when OS upgrades were rolled out.“What we've seen over the last couple years from Microsoft in the world of application compatibility is applications aren’t breaking as much,” said Mark Stevens, SVP of Global Services.

Over time, delaying OS updates resulted in increasingly fragmented operating systems—feeding into a complicated testing and development process.

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