Git er done speed dating

i am a female in my mid 30's and i just really dont like the bar scene.someone with class would be shocking for once.

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this child who was self destructing in front of everyones eyes and not 1 adult stopped him... this was easily fixed by not letting behind and steering wheel of any car..heart goes out to the the young girls family who was the passenger in the car..parent should have to lose a child at such a young age... Time to change the laws and protect immature kids from idiot decisions their parents make (giving them souped up cars-please)-what were they thinking? He was a great person and you don't even know his parents so don't judge them.

I take the tag numbes down and call the cops to file a complaint immediately. As for compassion, i feel for the parties involved...however, kids that drive too fast, under the influence or anything else-put other people's lives at risk. ..need to be changed to keep kids alive-since the parents haven't a clue. His parents are good people who love, care and miss there son right now.

You should show some respect for him, his family and everyone who is getting though this tradgity right now.

I am a friend of Donna's and I was trying to respond to "Spoiled Rottens" quote by cutting and pasting what he said.

298 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Oct 4, 2007, titled Three Teens Die In Wolcott Crash.

In it, Hartford Courant reports that: “Oh my God, I thought it was a bomb” Three Teens Die In Wolcott Crash Staff And Wire Reports AM EDT, October 4, 2007 WOLCOTT - Police say three Wolcott High School students have died in an accident on East Street.

You hear your parent's voice telling you to be careful - you even get grounded for being reckless. Most mistakes we make in life can be forgiven, or taken back. Does anyone else know how it feels to be helpless to change something so horrible?

Blame is not what they need right now-it's support to get through this moment.

I cannot believe this is the appropriate forum to display such negativity!!! "Whether it was a WRX or any other car it would not have mattered."He managed to cut a Honda in two by crashing it into a tree and almost killing another former friend.

His grieving parents should not have let him behind the wheel of ANY motorized vehicle.

it would be nice if there were places that didnt consist of ppl screaming "get er done" and guys looking for who's dumb enough to go home with them at the end of the would be different to have a speed dating service set up with singles from northeast arkansas where drinking isn't the highlight of the night.where might there be a cooking class or where is a safe nice fitness center in town?? Did I get a mental picture when I read "get er done" or is it, "git er done? Not my idea of any man I'd ever want to spend time with.

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