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On November 29, 2011, MPI Home Video released The Girls Next Door: Complete Collection on DVD in Region 1.

- a goal that was ultimately achieved as Kendra was also canceled in 2012.

Bridget Christina Marquardt (née Sandmeier; born September 25, 1973) is an American television personality, model, and actress, known for her role on the reality television series The Girls Next Door, which depicted her life as one of Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

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In 2012, a new show titled Kendra on Top that would premiere on WE tv in the summer of 2012 was announced as a follow-up to Kendra.

As with all other spin-offs, this show is also produced by Kevin Burns and his company Prometheus Entertainment. and quickly had its first season expanded from eight to fifteen episodes.

Read Full Story Getty Images Bridget Marquardt is basically a one-woman baby shower, judging by the slew of stuff she said she's bought for her former Playboy Mansion housemate Kendra Wilkinson, who's set to give birth to her son next month. Online): "I bought her so much stuff, tons of stuff.

From the stroller to the car seat to toys and clothes and diapers and everything.

The second-season premiere was watched by 1.6 million viewers (which set a 3-year record) and then topped itself by having 2.16 million viewers for the third-season premiere - the second highest season premiere ever on the E! The initial success of the show was so great that Playboy published a nude pictorial of Madison, Marquardt, and Wilkinson in the November 2005 issue.

20th anniversary party Monday night in a little white dress that helped show off her hot pink heels.

reality television series "The Girls Next Door." She's no longer dating Hef, but now Bridget has her own Travel Channel series called "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches." Find more pictures, news and videos about Bridget Marquardt here.

The show gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look into Hugh's personal life and each of his relationships with his girlfriends, as well as their relationships with each other. I put the folder back on the bed just as I had found it and never breathed a word of it."3.

They subsequently released season 6 on DVD on July 19, 2011.

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