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I thought it would be a nonstory, but suddenly it blew up.” Dratch’s career began to stall. “Not to get all cornball-Hallmark cards on you, but I feel like I was sent some Cinderella-type fairy godmother when I had Eli,” says Dratch.

“I was watching a lot of ‘Oprah’ and ‘Judge Mathis,’ ” she confesses. “I hope my story will make other single ladies feel good about themselves and help them realize that it’s never too late for them.

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With riotous humor, she recounts breaking the news to her bewildered parents, the awe of her single friends, and romance and coparenting with her baby-daddy, John. is a funny book with a refreshing version of the happily-ever-after story, full of sensitivity, candor, and plenty of comic relief, as only Rachel Dratch can tell it.

Filled with great behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Dratch’s time on SNL, Girl Walks into a Bar . Press button "GET DOWNLOAD LINKS" and wait 20 seconds. She plans on writing a twenty-volume set about her life, though, and selling it door-to-door like encyclopedias.

But hey, we have to talk about it because she’s one of the funniest women of this generation, and we haven’t seen her on TV lately because she isn’t an ideal candidate to please the collective penis wants.

I didn’t realize how much discussion went on over Dratch’s looks until I Google image-searched “Rachel Dratch Maxim cover” to make sure that she was never, in fact, on the cover of Maxim.

“I didn’t want to have a baby on my own, and I wasn’t in a serious relationship.” That’s an understatement. ” Dratch affectionately refers to her former boyfriends as “The Three Addicts, none of which were husband material.” Then at 43, she met a guy (you guessed it! He was from North Carolina and about to try absinthe. Eli lives with Dratch in the Union Square area, while Wahl has his own digs elsewhere in the city.

Dratch’s dating history, which she refers to as a “roller coaster of ridiculousness,” reads like a setup to a joke: “An alcoholic, a pothead and a sex addict walk into a bar . Soon enough, they were making plans for the following evening “Absinthe Man” John Wahl, a California-based natural-foods consultant, arrived “bearing bacon-flavored lip balm. “We’re still trying to figure out what we are to each other,” explains Dratch.

Anyone who saw an episode of Saturday Night Live between 19 knows Rachel Dratch. The former SNL star recounts the adventures and unexpected joy of dating and becoming a mom when she least expected it—at the age of forty-four.

Anyone who saw an episode of Saturday Night Live between 19 knows Rachel Dratch.

And while Dratch doesn’t have to suck herself into a corset and wear panties on a magazine cover, she also fails to get as many great roles as she deserves. ” The first quarter of Dratch’s memoir is the most interesting thing I’ve read by a comedian in the past couple of years. By now, legendary gossip suggests Dratch originally played Jenna Maroney in 30 Rock’s pilot …

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