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Iranian designer Farnaz Abdoli has turned the state-required cloaks into fashion through her clothing line Poosh.

An AP story on July 9 covered the flourishing underground music scene despite the fact that many Iranian youth are rounded up once security forces find out their locations.

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“The first group are those who are older than their husbands and treat their spouses like a mother would, which harms the authority of men.

The second group are those who have a higher education than their husbands and because of their financial independence (they) have some attitude, which harms men’s authority.” In referring to the third group of women, the cleric said, “One of the other duties of women in regard to their men is to take care of their men’s instinctive needs (sexual drive).

Dehnavi, a cultural specialist for the Islamic regime’s television outlet who holds conferences on the relationships of men and women, often talks about sex in an Islamic society. “Even in her mother’s house, the woman usually refuses and says it’s bad and that her mother could find out, but they should do it and so what if her mother finds out?

It won’t be bad as they are not doing anything illegal.”Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iranian women have been subjected to the cruelest of punishments and have had their rights taken away.

Beautiful Iranian women have a very exotic appearance.

They are typically tanned with darker hair and eyes however blonde is in and trendy.

It is an Islamic country and laws are shady by western standards, especially when it comes to civil rights, however the people in Iran are witty happy party people.

Even today when people think of Iran they picture an uncivilized country where the women are completely covered from head to toe.

Take a look at stunning Iranian women: Iranian women are known to be fun individuals to be around.

They have manners, are always happy, and possess a sense of humor. They do not tend to marry outside of the Muslim faith however they are not opposed to being with a man not of her ethnicity either.

Anyone caught disobeying the law is subjected to lashing and imprisonment.

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