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There are a few key-pointers to keep in mind before, during, and after taking the Ethiopian woman of your interest, girlfriend, or future wife out on a date.

Let’s cover some of the most significant, ‘make it or break it’ moments and warnings that any foreigner man should be aware of when dating as well as ‘courting’ Ethiopian women.

Understand this, most Ethiopian women maintain Chasity and therefore are not interested in discussing or exploring each other’s sexuality or fantasies with one another—especially if they’re religious and the two of you are just ‘dating’.

I also know that some others would prefer married men.

We went to town find out the preferences of single women. Madonna Ayara I know that some single ladies do not see anything special in dating married men.

Not only are Ethiopian women very compassionate and caring, but they are also very nurturing by nature.

It’s extremely common for an Ethiopian girlfriend, and of course bride, to care deeply for her sick lover, around the clock, in every shape or form possible.

Some also do it because of the financial benefit they would derive from it.

When a woman wants to look good and appear flashy, she can go to any length in getting the money.

For me, I do not see any fun in dating a man who is old enough to be my father.

Dating a married man, therefore, is not in my dictionary.

Ethiopian women tend to be anything but materialistic, but they do however tend to be very sentimental—so don’t be afraid to take your Ethiopian love on a romantic date somewhere special (it’s not all about the money or cost), make something for her by hand, or bring a special gift for her family—very nice way to introduce yourself and give a positively desirable first impression.

Lastly, Ethiopian women are conservative by nature.

Or would you date both, depending on the circumstance?

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