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Comment and let us know if you can think of any other groups or places to go to meet Cape Town Men.

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Discover one of the best resource for gay dating in Cape Town.

Fbuds is a gay site in Cape Town full of single gay men like you looking to find lovers, boyfriends, or just hook up and have some fun in Cape Town.

They are asking for semi-butch so if that’s your type, then get down there ASAP!

Hopefully you meet the man of dreams (or the man of the Night) through this guide.

Maybe you’re looking for like-minded individuals who share your hobbies, well then check out these popular gay groups found in Cape Town.

There’s a book club for men who love books…and other men.

There’s always the web, but I think most of us have more than a few horror stories from going down that path. There are plenty of places around Cape Town to find perfectly suitable and non-creepy men without needing to use technology as an aide.

A simple stroll in the right area may yield the results you’re looking for, so get the walking boots on and explore the beauty of Cape Town.

Gather around and discuss the latest literature with similar minds, and be careful not to let the talk of the latest love novel cause too much excitement within the room…

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