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Our larger competitors are not likely to find a large market in servicing the furry community, and so our community will suffer.

The Internet would never have become what it is today with bills like FOSTA in place and communities like ours would never have dedicated service providers like

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Pounced is a furry personals site which operates a free service on behalf of the community.

We are staffed by volunteers and cover our own costs as a benefit to the community.

Perhaps this is an over-reaction but when you take on additional liability for the actions of others an abundance of caution is warranted.

We wish we didn't have to ask you to fight for the Internet, but we do.

Here is what we think you can do to help keep the Internet free.

Call or write you representatives and let them know that FOSTA is a poor trade off, it makes all sites bear increased liability to target a few malicious sites.Update 3/31/18 We're working to update our terms of service and modify the site as required.It appears that if President Trump does not sign FOSTA into law very soon then it may have to start it's legislative journey over again.If we try to implement filtering will it be anything other than intrusive and ineffective, given the resources of a small organization like ours?And we must now account for the fact that our liability to operate a service such as has unequivocally increased, especially given that FOSTA explicitly makes this a criminal liability.We're a personals site for the furry community, our goal was to allow members of our community to have a personals site dedicated solely to the community, and we've tried to serve our community well.

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