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"You've got to look back and see where you're both at, what has been said so far, and what the other person is thinking," he says.

The stories told are legend here — Glad Its Over’s dancing Sasquatch, the cheater who jumped around in a sleeping bag, the squirrel assassin, PF’s pillow muncher…

(Read the archives for the insanity particulars.) This is how the game is played — you tell Chump Nation the freaky, WTF particulars.

It’s time again for our Cheater Freak Christmas Countdown!

To the newbies, every year we try to best each other with our cheater freak stories.

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Oh, and do it with the newest and most stylish travel gear on the market.

"Grand Theft Auto V" has been criticized for depicting torture, deploying heavily sexual scenes, using racially offensive terms and a misogynistic portrayal of women.

There's no chicken-or-egg questioning here: The friendship came first. For a lot of duos, one of the biggest concerns in this kind of arrangement is whether or not the sex will ruin the friendship — especially if and when one party decided they no longer want to be having sex.

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