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There's no chicken-or-egg questioning here: The friendship came first. For a lot of duos, one of the biggest concerns in this kind of arrangement is whether or not the sex will ruin the friendship — especially if and when one party decided they no longer want to be having sex.If that moment has come for you, you're probably wondering, That depends almost entirely on how the FWB relationship has been progressing, says Michael Aaron, MD, a sexologist and sex therapist in New York.On last night's episode, Lisa and Marge acknowledged that the show's only South Asian character is "politically incorrect" but then asked, "What can you do?

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(We hear that’s really good.) William Russell was in Kyushu, Japan at just the right time, as the Sakurajima volcano began to spew ash into the sky.

Though his camera kit was too zoomed in, he figured out a clever solution, matching each frame of what he captured to a wider shot of the volcano.

It looks like a pillowy four-pound kidney bean, about the size of a novelty prize at a carnival game.

Don't take the same lame vacation as all your Facebook friends; get off the beaten path with a pal on a 10-day excursion through the beautiful nation of Nepal.

The next time you know you're going to jam up your sleep schedule, listen to these armed forces veterans to get the best tips on how to fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

(Perhaps the only thing the military knows better about travel, in fact, is packing.) The chest rises and falls rhythmically, hypnotically. Nobody's marketed a sleep robot before, and we're not even sure it's a robot.

3) After boinking his OW in Vermont, he drove home and presented me with a one-pound bag of coffee.

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The stories told are legend here — Glad Its Over’s dancing Sasquatch, the cheater who jumped around in a sleeping bag, the squirrel assassin, PF’s pillow muncher…

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