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In an interview with the Democrat and Chronicle, Anderson suggested he cursed a lot more than he used to after the film's production.

He classified the word "fuck" as being at the core of discussion about freedom of speech.

He acknowledged that there are terms considered by society more vulgar than "fuck", but said that this particular word creates controversy and dialogue.

The director explained in an interview that he was fascinated with the word "fuck" because of its different uses.

He originally proposed the idea of a film about the word in jest, later realizing that the topic could fuel a documentary.

Language professor Geoffrey Nunberg observes that the word's treatment by society reflects changes in our culture during the 20th century.

Anderson was exposed to public conceptions surrounding the word "fuck" by comedian George Carlin's monologue "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television".

He named the film Fuck despite anticipating problems with marketing. Scott called the documentary a battle between advocates of morality and supporters of freedom of expression.

Animator Bill Plympton provided sequences illustrating key concepts in the film. The Washington Post and the New York Daily News criticized its length and other reviewers disliked its repetitiveness – the word "fuck" is used 857 times in the film.

The director told Can West News Service that he hoped the documentary would provoke a wider discussion about freedom of speech, sexual slang and its media use.

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