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I can't believe how badly she's stunk up the room and suggest she hits the bathroom to take care of some obvious business.

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I explain the rules of the game to him, and tell him that if he can handle the pain I'll reward him by allowing him to kiss my beautiful ass.

On the table before me are four methods of delivering pain: Three whips made of different materials, and one wooden whipping rod.

- Watch as I slowly put on this red lipstick and tease you with my sultry mouth.

You love these perfect lips and amazing tongue, don't you?

As always, this slave's pain is my pleasure and I love every second of his misery!

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on Jerk-Off While You Watch My Sexy Mouth!

Imagine spraying it in my mouth and give me every drop of that hot cum. White shoes obviously get dirty the easiest, so it's important that I keep them looking as shiny and new as possible. I demand that he try harder and supervise the job he does as he continues to lick every inch of my high-heels. Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Shoe Fetish Playing a Game of Pain or Pleasure with My Slave!

I use this slave's mouth to do it, watching as he cleans them with his tongue and scold him for not trying hard enough. - Today I'm going to play a game with this slave, and I explain the rules to him as he kneels naked before me.

I make him draw from my deck of cards, and the suit he chooses determines what I'll be using to strike his bare bottom!

As he bends over my billiard table, I begin delivering painful lashes with my leather whip while counting each one.

I want you to take that cock out and jerk-off as I continue to drive you crazy with my sexy mouth.

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