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It's completely out of line, however, to order the most expensive dishes on the menu and then skimp on the tip; if you can afford a steak and a glass of scotch, you can afford at least a 15% tip for decent service (more if the service was above and beyond).I've seen it many times over, and there's a special name for cheap people like that.Admittedly I like receiving "things," but I've never received a handmade gift that I didn't love.

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Because of my penchant for quilted softness then, I always buy in bulk with a coupon or discount from a savings app. The cheap alternative — and, honestly, I don't know if it gets any cheaper than this — is to buy bottom-of-the-barrel two-ply paper so you can create two one-ply rolls.

I feel like this practice is a recipe for a lifetime of bachelorhood — and deservedly so.

They both got into the club, but only one of them paid. One of them should definitely reevaluate that friendship — and see a doctor.

As a homeowner, I sometimes have to hire contractors to do work around the house, and I like to consider all my options.

It doesn't matter your financial state: you should buy new, clean underwear — always.

And with shoes, you run the risk of having to replace them more often because they've already been through the ringer.

The holidays are a hard time financially for many people, and it's perfectly okay to be frugal when deciding on gifts.

If you can't afford to buy presents, use your resources to make gifts that recipients' will appreciate because of the thought you put into it.

Take a look at some of these frugal versus cheap examples, and let me know if you agree in the comments below.

It's perfectly acceptable to be frugal at a restaurant by ordering less expensive dishes or appetizers to serve as your main meal.

Likewise, don't be the jerk that goes out to eat with friends and doesn't order anything but then picks off other people's plates.

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