Cyber sexx chat - Friendship to dating transition

Maybe you've just recognized that many of your friendships have gradually faded (or worse, become toxic).

You are not alone -- even the outgoing, beautiful, confident, successful women among us have the voice of the critic telling them they are not enough.

We all have to eventually value the end goal enough to put up with some of the awkward moments in getting there.

Girlfriend Circles is a friendship site for women that helps them meet each other and helps reduce the alienation and awkwardness that come from feeling so disconnected.

Nelson has also just come out with an invaluable new book about the nuts and bolts of friendship-making, called .

I presented her with some common scenarios to see how she'd advise getting over friendship-making obstacles.

Read below for her excellent suggestions to overcome your doubts and start making good friends -- yes, even as a busy grownup -- today.1.

It can feel embarrassing, though, and since there is not nearly an official friendship-courting ritual as there tends to be with dating, it can also be downright confusing.

Shasta Nelson, the founder of Girlfriend Circles, has set out to do something about it.

3) And finally, that there is no way to get to those deep and meaningful places with people we love without going through the stages of getting together with strangers that we don't yet know that well.

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