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More than 30 locomotives and several dozen historic carriages can be found in the museum. Technical Museum in Brno The Technical Museum in Brno documents not only history but, where possible, also current municipal transport. A ride aboard a mine train is part of the exhibition tour.

You can make your visit to the museum even more enjoyable by riding a historic tram.

Mine exhibition in Chrustenice colliery Many unique exhibits from the glorious period of mining and quarry mining in this area have been assembled in hundreds of metres of corridors.

Public Transport in Ostrava, depository of historic vehicles Public Transport Ostrava, a joint stock company, owns and also maintains in cooperation with the Association of Friends of Public Transport a small collection of historic trams, trolleybuses and buses in operational condition.

The oldest item in the collection is motorised tram carriage no. T: 420 313 537 700 E: [email protected] hours 2018: 29.3.

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He doesn't want me out of his life completely and want to be friends with him also. We respect each other a lot and can have a great friendship.National Technical Museum in Prague There are 8 permanent exhibitions in the main building of the museum and approximately 5,000 exhibits.The exhibition on the history of transport is the NTM’s largest exhibition.Railway Museum Zlonice The museum, focusing on industrial locomotives, freight carriages and signalling systems produced since 1939, is located in the municipality to which railway enthusiast Antonín Dvořák dedicated his first symphony.A collection of steam locomotives used in the sugar refining industry can be found here. We had a rough start because I could not trust anyone and he was not over his ex.

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