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Our thoughts and our prayers are with all of those affected.” When news first began to break on Saturday evening of a horrifying, chaotic scene unfolding in central London, Trump immediately retweeted an alarmist report from the Drudge Report, a conservative news aggregation website, about the “terror attack” — which at that point had not actually been confirmed as a terror attack.Even after his tweet went out, British Prime Minister Theresa May was still calling the incident a “potential” act of terror.Traditionally, too, presidents have appealed to communities for calm. Then, with 50 dead and families across the region mourning, he congratulated himself for recognizing terrorism when it had taken place.

When Donald Trump believes a terrorist attack by Muslim extremists has taken place, he rarely hesitates before speaking out about it — often regardless of whether authorities have even begun to investigate what actually took place.

But when it comes to anti-Muslim hate crimes, Trump’s reactions are often halfhearted, delayed, or nonexistent.

There is perhaps no starker example of this than the president’s response to the terror events of last week: one in Portland, Oregon, in which two men died protecting two Muslim women who were being harassed by a ranting white supremacist; and one in London over the weekend, in which three terrorists murdered seven and wounded dozens more, armed with a van used to mow down pedestrians on London Bridge, and knives, wielded as instruments of destruction on innocent bystanders.

Trump declined to comment on the killings in Portland for days.

Incredulously, Tapper asked: In Quebec City last week, a white right-wing terrorist opened fire on a mosque. Eventually the president did reach out to the Canadians with a message of solidarity.

But the administration also used the incident as an opportunity to promote the travel ban — even though the assailant was white and Canadian.

Last Thursday, when reports of an attack in Manila were unfolding in the moments before the president’s Rose Garden speech on the Paris climate agreement, he spoke out about terrorism in the Philippines — before confirming if it was, in fact, terrorism (it turns out it wasn’t).

“I would like to begin by addressing the terrorist attack in Manila,” he told those assembled.

“That looks like another Islamic disaster," he said the day after the attack, on an AM radio program hosted by Mike Slater.

He continued: You look at this horrible terrorism that's going all over the place, and we have to be vigilant and we have to be smart. And I have friends that are Muslims, they are very nice people, but they understand there's a big problem. But Trump has also used the label of terror to address events as they are taking place, before others have determined exactly what’s going on.

Indeed, the London attack has prompted tweet after tweet from the president, each offering an aggressive display of certainty and thinly veiled attacks on a single community.

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